We are all familiar with the metal gold. It has been coveted by mankind for thousands of years for its beauty, resilience and workability. It is used in the making of jewelry and ornaments. It is plated onto electrical contacts because of its superior conductive properties. It has been used in varying forms throughout recorded history in the making of medicines and even as a filling for damaged teeth. It was plated upon the sarcophagus of the Pharaohs. King Solomon knew how to precipitate it from sea water and was reported to have poured 100,000 Talents of the finest beaten gold.

From sea water?

During the 1980's David Hudson was involved with research that provided us with some valuable answers. He discovered that the beautiful, resilient yet pliable gold metal was actually the "fallen," low energy state of the gold atom. He established that the gold and other platinum group elements exist in nature as monatoms. These monatoms are not bonded together to form metal and hence are not detectable by standard metals analysis methods. The very rare and valuable platinum group elements that the physicists say must exist but are missing, that 97 to 98% of the total, are actually right here on Earth, but are in their monatomic form. They are not missing. They are simply not bonded together to form the metals that everyone has been looking for.

 He further discovered that brain tissue contains a full 5% of monatomic rhodium and iridium by dry matter weight. These monatomic elements are abundant in nature. They are found in aloe vera plants, carrots, grapes and grape seeds, watercress and in ocean water. This material exists naturally in our bodies and in every living thing. They are a conductor of the life force. They are how our cells communicate with our consciousness.

It has been known throughout recorded history by many names. It has been called "The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus, The Semen of the Gods, The Food of the Gods, The White Dew, The White Dove, The Philosophers' Gold, Ormus" and western man may remember it from the Bible as the "Manna" as referenced in the books of Exodus and Job.

What we do here is extract them from their natural "home" and concentrate them using only the very finest of natural ingredients by performing exacting and painstaking techniques.

Products of Water Alchemy:

Great Salt Lake Manna

Atlantic C-11 Manna

Dead Sea Gold

Products of Fire Alchemy:

The Golden Tear

The White Dove

Elixir of Life

The Doves of Venus

Hathors Vision

Vibhuti Illumination

For your Garden in Eden:

The Mists of Eden


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